Teams & Organizations

What do your team members care about? How are they wired? What do they do well & enjoy, & how does their work align with that? Do they have the time, space & support to consider who they are & what they want?

The well-being of a team depends upon the well-being of each individual within the team, & self-awareness is the key. 

Growth-oriented teams & organizations work with me to develop & apply self-awareness & improve organizational health.

The results include improvements in:

  • Productivity & effective use of their limited time
  • Meaningful engagement
  • Decision-making
  • Alignment with team & organizational goals
  • Morale
  • Retention

As a coach, facilitator & speaker with 20+ years leading teams in the corporate environment, I recognize the challenges, goals & needs of each individual, team & culture are unique.

I offer customized presentations, facilitation, training, workshops, group coaching & 1:1 coaching based on the unique needs of your team. 

Virtual or in-person based on your location & needs.

Let's talk & see how I can support you.

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