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Hi, I'm Sheri...

Have you been conditioned to believe your over-achieving nature & hard work will pay off at some point?  But you find yourself wondering when & how?  Or what that even means?
Me, too.  
I checked all the boxes through the years...believing I'd find fulfillment in the next role, in the next certification, in the next whatever...
Then I stopped doing what I had always done.  I questioned what I really wanted & why.  
I realized it wasn't about working hard.  It was about working hard on the right things...on the things that were right for me.  
Now I help others do the same. 
Do you want your life to feel more meaningful?  Do you want to have more fun in all aspects of your life now rather than someday?

I can help.

I finally found my compass.  


I learned how I was wired.  I recognized my strengths, what I enjoyed & what was truly most important to me.  Now I operate & make decisions in all aspects of my life based on that.


What's YOUR compass?

My Strengths

Responsibility | Arranger | Maximizer | Empathy | Learner


My Values

Love & Connection | Kindness | Responsibility | Meaningful Work | Fun | Growth | Freedom | Authenticity | Curiosity | Adventure