Hi, I'm Sheri...

Have you been conditioned to believe if you check all the boxes & work hard, it will all "pay off" at some point? 
Me too.  
I checked all the boxes through the years...Graduated, moved, started my career, took all the "right" exams & earned all the "right" certifications, got married, graduated again, moved into the "right" roles, bought a different house, had kids...You know...the standard list.
I don't regret a thing.
But shortly after checking each box, I was onto the next one, & when I started running out of boxes, the question, "What do I really want?" grew louder. The clock was ticking, & I knew "someday" didn't actually exist. What would I potentially regret?
Finally, on a flight home from a work trip, I had the moment...the moment when I knew something had to change. The moment when I realized I still wasn't in the perfect role. I loved to travel. Why was this role still not the right one? I realized I still didn't have it all together at home. I missed my family, but there would be so much to do when I got home, & I didn't want to do any of it. I wanted more consistent fun in my life that wasn't limited to weekends & vacation.
I was overwhelmed by all of it. How did other people have it all figured out? How did other people know what they wanted? Why was contentment attainable for other people but not for me? I didn't have "it" figured out, & I was continually judging myself because of it.
Then I realized I had been trying to maximize my potential in the wrong way. I had been going through the motions of someone else's dash, & I didn't even know whose. What did I want mine to be?
I had to stop compartmentalizing all the areas of my life, figure out who I really was & finally answer the question, "What do I truly want in this one life of mine?"
I've been on my own journey ever since, & I'm passionate about helping other people on theirs.
It's not about focusing on all the things. It's not about focusing on more things. It's about focusing on the right things, & the right things are the ones that are right for you.
Are you ready to take a step? Are you ready to design your dash?

My Philosophy...

  • Life is short. We're born, we die, & our dash is our adventure in between. 
  • Self-awareness is the key to creating & living the dash meant for us. We don't have a choice about everything, but we have more choices than we think. If we don’t choose our own path, someone else will. 
  • Life isn't a problem to be solved...It's an adventure to be lived with uncertainty & ups & downs along the way. 
  • Embracing our uniqueness makes life less complicated & far more meaningful & fun. Each of us is unique, & each of our journeys should be, too. Being our authentic selves & sharing our unique value is one of the bravest & least selfish things we can do. 
  • Engaged & effective teams consist of engaged & effective individuals, & focusing on the well-being of each individual is simply the right thing to do.

I finally found my compass.  


I learned how I was wired.  I recognized my strengths, what I enjoyed & what was truly most important to me.  Now I operate & make decisions in all aspects of my life based on that.


What's YOUR compass?

My Strengths

Responsibility | Arranger | Maximizer | Empathy | Learner


My Values

Love & Connection | Kindness | Responsibility | Meaningful Work | Fun | Growth | Freedom | Authenticity | Curiosity | Adventure