Hi, I'm Sheri...

I checked all the boxes through the years...Graduated, moved, started my career, took all the "right" exams & earned all the "right" certifications, got married, graduated again, moved into the "right" roles, bought a different house, had kids...You know...the standard list. 
I don't regret a thing. Life was good.
But shortly after checking each box, I fixated on the next one, & when I started running out of boxes, the question, "What do I really want?" grew louder.
How many certifications did I need? And whose list was this, anyway?
Finally, sprawled out in business class on a flight home from a work trip...appreciating my business class snacks & spaciousness far less than I recognized I "should"...I had the moment...the moment when I knew something had to change. The moment when I realized I still hadn't figured "it" out.
Why did it feel harder than it needed to be?
What did I truly want in my life overall? 
Was I really growing? Or fixating on my flaws? Making a few incremental shifts from subpar to satisfactory?
I wanted more consistent freedom, fulfillment, & fun that wasn't limited to weekends & vacation.
I wanted to figure out who I was overall...Not just who I was supposed to be at work vs who I was supposed to be at home.
I wanted to stop discounting my worth & dismissing my contributions.
I wanted to stop feeling like I had to prove myself over & over no one in particular.
I wanted to recognize & release who I wasn't...
So I started the journey I've been on ever since, & I'm passionate about helping other people on theirs.
It's not about "fixing" your flaws or attempting to fix everyone else's.
It's not about focusing on all the things. It's not about focusing on more things. It's about focusing on the right things, & the right things are the ones that are right for you.
It's about recognizing who you are & what you want, & releasing who you aren't & what you don't.
Are you ready to unlock your true potential & make the rest of your life even better? Are you ready to have more freedom, fulfillment, & fun in all aspects of your life?
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My Perspective...

  • We're born, we die, & our dash is our adventure in between.
  • We have more choices than we realize...especially when it comes to the fullness of our glass.
  • We take our whole self everywhere we go, & recognizing & embracing who we are & what we want allows us to experience more freedom, fulfillment, & fun in all aspects of our lives.
  • Freedom isn't just about doing what we want when we want...It's getting specific about what we want to do & when we want to do it, & it's living in alignment with who we truly are & who we're meant to be. 
  • Each of us is unique, & each of our journeys should be, too.
  • Not contributing in a way only we can is selfish. Being our authentic selves & sharing our unique value is one of the bravest & least selfish things we can do. 
  • Engaged & effective teams consist of engaged & effective individuals. Embracing differences & identifying & harnessing each individual's uniqueness is key.
  • Life isn't a problem to be solved...It's an adventure to be lived with uncertainty & ups & downs along the way. It's up to each of us to make it matter.
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I recognized which beliefs were my own & which ones I had been conditioned to believe. I learned how I was wired. I recognized my strengths, what I enjoyed & what was truly most important to me.
Now I operate & make decisions in all aspects of my life based on that, & I help others do the same.


What's YOUR compass?

My Strengths

Responsibility | Arranger | Maximizer | Empathy | Learner


My Values

Love & Connection | Kindness | Authenticity | Freedom | Meaningful Work | Fun | Curiosity | Adventure | Growth | Responsibility


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