Mismatched Socks

Nov 03, 2021
So there's this guy in my workout class who always wears mismatched socks. 
I mean...Not athletic socks with red stripes vs blue ones....I'm talking "business" socks.  You know...Like brown ones with pinstripes vs gray with plaid. 
Anyway, I've always been curious...What's up with the socks?
So one day, I asked him. 
He laughed & said it started out as intentional.  He just thought it was funny.
But then as time passed & he decided he didn't WANT to wear mismatched socks anymore, it was just too hard to stop.
Some were missing, matching them took time, yada, yada...It just wasn't worth it.
So he kept doing what he had been.  It was easier that way.
Makes sense.  The energy of making the change didn't outweigh the benefit to him.  Got it. Plus, I love his mismatched socks.
So he identifies as "mismatched sock guy". 
And every time I see mismatched sock guy, I expect him to wear mismatched socks because that's what he's always done.
If he truly wants be "matched sock guy"...or I guess just "guy" since "matched sock guy" is just silly...It's up to him to make the change.
If he wants anyone to think of him as anything other than "mismatched sock guy"...it's up to HIM to make the change.
Who do YOU want to be?
Do you want to be a "yes" person?  Do you want to be known as a "yes" person?
Do you want to be someone who works 70 hours a week? 
Do you want everyone to expect you to work 70 hours a week because that's what you've always done?  And give you additional work because they know you'll work it in? 
You have a choice. It's up to YOU to change to the person you want to be...to be known as the person you want to be.
It will be hard to change. But working 70 hours a week is, too, isn't it?
At least you'll be working hard toward something you want...to be the person you WANT to be...

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