Hi, I'm Sheri...

I'm a Coach, Consultant, & Trainer, leveraging 20+ years of experience in the corporate environment, guiding individuals & cross-functional & global teams toward their potential.

I checked all the boxes through the years...But shortly after checking each box, I fixated on the next one. When would I be done? How many certifications did I need? Whose list was this, anyway?

Where did I truly belong, & when would I stop feeling like a misfit? Like a square peg trying to shove myself into a round hole? Why did so many of the people in my world feel that way, too? 

Finally, I figured out what I wanted most, what I didn't, & where I fit best. I developed self-awareness & the language to articulate my value & needs.

Now I help leaders & their teams better understand themselves & one another, & I provide the tools & language I never had. 

We're all misfits in our own way. None of us likes to be put in a box or be shoved where we don't necessarily fit...Yet most of us do it to ourselves & to one another every day. I'll help you change that. 

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My Strengths

Responsibility | Arranger | Maximizer | Empathy | Learner


My Values

Love & Connection | Kindness | Authenticity | Curiosity | Meaningful Work | Freedom | Adventure | Growth | Responsibility | Fun


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My Perspective...

  • We all get one dash (birth -¬†death). It's up to us to make it matter¬†& help others make theirs matter, too.
  • Whether the glass is half-full or half-empty is up to us.
  • Curiosity & self-awareness are the key to clarity & living & working with intention.
  • High-performing teams consist of engaged¬†& high-performing individuals.¬†Unlocking true potential requires recognizing commonalities, embracing differences, &¬†actively identifying¬†& leveraging the uniqueness of each team member.
  • We take our whole selves everywhere we go. Recognizing & embracing who we are & what we want allows us to experience more freedom¬†& fulfillment in¬†all¬†aspects of our lives, personally & professionally.
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