7 Pounds of Clotted Cream & Scones

Jan 10, 2022
Ever eat something you "shouldn't"? (Picture me using air quotes here.) Perhaps this time of year, in particular? Ever beat yourself up about it?
I'm not trying to hit my high school weight, wear a particular pair of jeans I've held onto for 6 years or even hit a particular number...My desire is to be healthy & strong so I can have fun with my grandkids someday.   
But after returning from our trip to Ireland & figuring out what to wear to my husband's company Christmas party, I thought, "Damn!  What exactly happened here?" And it turns out it IS possible to eat 7 pounds worth of scones in a relatively short time.
Why am I sharing this? 
Because I have zero regrets. 
Because I enjoyed every frickin' scone, every scoop of clotted cream (which I believe is called clotted cream due to it's impact to veins), every scoop of jam, every bite of shortbread/caramel/chocolate awesomeness that I've only experienced in Ireland & Britain...which is probably a good thing.
And I'm not beating myself up about it. 
I had no intention of depriving myself from the whole experience of Ireland....everything it had to offer, including a crapload of carbs. 
What's my point? 
First, if you're beating yourself up about anything, stop.  The past can't be changed...No matter how much you think about it & beat yourself up over it.
Second, I encourage you to think about your intentions. 
Do you plan to eat your mom's coconut pie at Christmas dinner?  The one she only makes once a year?  Will you regret it?  OR will you recall it as the highlight of the holiday experience?
We can't change the past. We can only change our mindset & actions going forward.
I'm not suggesting you gorge yourself to the point of nausea because that's what the holidays are all about.
I'm suggesting you enjoy, set intentions & stop beating yourself up.
What are your intentions? What might you beat yourself up over, & what will you give yourself permission to do without regret?
What will your mindset & actions be going forward?
And if it involves clotted cream & scones, enjoy every frickin' bite. :-)

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