Any idea how many decisions we make in a typical day?

Aug 05, 2020

Any idea how many decisions we make in a typical day?

I guessed somewhere between 70 & 10,000.

But Psychology Today estimates about 35,000.  35 THOUSAND.

What should I wear today?  

It’s ok if I wear a t-shirt on ANOTHER Zoom call, isn’t it?

Did I wear this one in last week’s call?

Do I have time to shower before the call?  

If I shower AFTER the call, is it even worth it?  

Will they be able to tell if I haven’t showered?  

Do I have enough dry shampoo?

This, my friends, is the series of questions we might ask ourselves regarding SHOWERING & a ZOOM call.

OMG.  Yes, yes...I wrote "OMG."

On top of that we’re deciding what to eat, when to eat, if we have enough milk, how long ago we opened the deli meat...Is it still ok?  And what exactly happens if I eat it & it isn’t? 

All of this is basically about functioning.  Then we add LEAVING the house & covid to the mix.  

Should we send our kids to school?  

Should we keep the kids home?

If we keep them home, how will we stick to a schedule?

Will they learn as much if they’re not in school?

How will I be able to focus on MY work?

How much wine does it “really” take to be considered an alcoholic?

If we send them to school, will they actually keep their masks on?

Will the other kids keep THEIR masks on? 

Are the masks we have enough?

Should we get them super duper masks?

What IS a super duper mask?

Have we shown them how to wash their hands ENOUGH?

The fact that ANY of us is sane is truly a miracle, don’t you think? 

And at what point in there do we focus on the life we REALLY want?

Somewhere between what t-shirt to wear & deciding if the deli meat is still safe to eat?  

So I encourage you to SCHEDULE some time to focus on what you really want. 

Not on all the concerns of the world...Not on what you think you SHOULD want based on other people’s opinions...

On what YOU want.

Want to be fit?  Schedule your workouts.  

Want to start basket weaving?  Schedule a class.  THEN worry about attending in person or virtually.  🙂

Want to hold the Midwest’s first ever Bacon Fest? 

Ok, that’s already been done.  And it’s fabulous.  But how about scheduling some time to research & focus on the next one? Maybe a pork belly fest? More research required.

Anyway, the more decisions (we think) we need to make, the less action we take.  

Clearly there’s more to it than scheduling, but it’s a START.  

And do we ever accomplish anything we don’t start?

Start X this week.  😉

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