Anyone else want to start your day with something other than negativity?

Jun 09, 2020

Want to start your day with something other than negativity?  PLENTY of that in the news for later in the day, right?  :-)

I do some quick stretching when I first wake up in the morning...Helps wake me up & works out the “kinks” & whatever else seems to develop during the night post-30 or 40...Whatever.  

Recently I discovered a FREE, 10 minute, yoga stretch that I love!  No yoga experience required, & I think you’ll love it, too!

Love eliminating even tiny decisions (including what stretches to do), especially if it’s before I’ve even brushed my teeth.

The instructor has several other free videos on YouTube, too, but that would require another decision.  Perhaps one I’ll make another day.

I’ve even gotten to the point that I look forward to it & feel out of whack without it...To the point that I spent 20 minutes the other morning looking for the remote.  TWENTY maddening minutes.

Because why would I know how to operate our TV without the remote?

I did have a lot of discoveries from the search though…

Our TV has only 3 buttons, none of which seems to get me to YouTube..

Our TV is NOT a touch screen…

& I discovered several Nerf bullets, wrappers & Pokemon cards in the couch cushions...a place I dread ever putting my hand again.

Also had a good laugh considering my brothers are both electrical engineers who could probably BUILD our TV, yet I had never even had enough interest to learn how to USE it remote-free. 

No worries. I later learned one of the boys had hid it from the other, so all is well. I know that will help YOU sleep easier tonight, too.

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