Be Absurd.

Feb 08, 2022

Can you believe it's February? 

Do you recall the new year's resolutions you made?  Are you excited about the “smart” goals you set? 

I’ve heard a few people say January was a trial run for them, & THIS month...THIS is the one where things are going to change.   

Fantastic!  Let’s do it!  

I invite you to scrap all the new year’s resolutions & “smart” goals, & instead...BE ABSURD.  Seriously.

Smart goals are great.  They're logical.  They're smart.

Ugh. At least when those are the only ones you're coming up with...every...single...year.

At one point, I realized I was sick of being smart.  I was sick of my brain calling the shots, & I finally decided to do what my heart was telling me instead.  It’s so much more fun. 

So I invite you to do the same.  


Believe you can & will get what you want, even when you don't know the "how". 

Envision a future that Energizes you…a future that Aligns with who you are & who you truly want to be.

Dream Big.  Put your logic aside...for now. Stop worrying about what your brain believes to be achievable & attainable. You can be smart again later.

Be Specific…But not in the traditional “SMART” way. What are your future surroundings?  Who surrounds you?  What does the long-term future you want look, smell & taste like?

Envision a future Unique to you, not the one you think you should envision based upon the ladder you’ve been climbing or what you think others expect.  You’re unique, & your goals should be, too.

Feel Risky.  Does the future you’re envisioning make your butt clench a little?  If not, think bigger.  Without some level of risk, prepare to be underwhelmed.

Be Daring.  Be adventurous & bold.  If it doesn’t embarrass you a little…if you’re not concerned “someone” will think “Seriously? How dare you want more, you ungrateful, little brat”...listen to your heart even more.

Am I suggesting you quit your job today & become a nomadic travel blogger like my friend Derek?  

No.  Please don’t. 

I’m not suggesting you quit your job at all.

I’m simply inviting you to answer the question, “What do you really want?”  And that’s a tough one to answer without giving yourself the time & space to do it.

I love helping people be absurd, & I can help you, too.  Let me know if you want to chat. 

Don’t let another non-butt clenching month go by.

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