Caramel cashew sundaes with hot fudge

Jul 09, 2020

I had a fantastic workout yesterday...The kind where I dripped sweat everywhere & felt like I could take on the world. 

But oddly…or not so oddly for me...

Mid-workout, a Culver's caramel cashew sundae popped into my head.  More specifically, a caramel cashew sundae with hot fudge.  (Because that's what I do.)  

Why?  Besides the fact that they're awesome?

Well one reason is because I IDENTIFY myself as a food lover who eats caramel cashew sundaes with hot fudge, & I haven’t COMMITTED to being someone other than that.

The thing is, as much as I would like to eat healthier than I much as I LIKE the idea of eating healthy all day every day...I simply don't care ENOUGH right now. 

I don’t care ENOUGH to commit to removing caramel cashew sundaes with hot fudge from my diet.

And if I TRULY want to identify as myself as someone who eats healthy all day every day, I need to care enough to commit.

Because nothing changes if nothing changes.

So did I beat myself up as I drove through the Culver’s drive-thru?   Did I beat myself up as I scraped up the last bit of caramel?

No, I laughed at the irony of driving directly to Culver’s in my sweat drenched clothes & savored every bite.

Because I’m clear on what I HAVE committed to & what I haven’t.

I’ve committed to feeling strong & working out every day, but right NOW, I might just stop for a sundae on the way home.  

So I encourage you…

Consider what you care ENOUGH about to change & why.  Take action & commit.

And if you don’t, savor that sundae, & accept where you are right now.  :-)  

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