Do we REALLY want all puppies & rainbows?

Jul 20, 2020

Do you ever feel like you “shouldn’t” feel a certain way?  

Ever find yourself feeling mad about something?  Then becoming even madder because you’re mad at yourself for feeling mad?  

Or sadder because you’re sad?

Ever feel like it’s easier to stick with what you’ve been doing because it’s something you know?

Because trying something different may result in stress or disappointment? 

Regardless of the level of stress or disappointment we may already be experiencing?   

I certainly have.  

We humans are an odd bunch, aren’t we?

A couple days ago I heard an interesting podcast interview between Tom Bilyeu & Susan David, a Harvard psychologist. 

"Only dead people never get stressed, never feel the disappointment that comes with failure, never have their hearts broken.  You don't get to raise a family, leave the world a better place or have a meaningful career without stress & discomfort."

What an excellent reminder.  

How often do we experience something truly fulfilling without at least some discomfort along the way?  

Asking someone out for the first time?

Saying “yes” when someone asks you out for the first time?

Having kids?

Telling your kids to pick up their Legos 17 times?

Buying a house?

Getting married?  

Getting divorced?

Moving somewhere new?

Starting a new job?

When we consider the times in life when we’ve experienced the most joy...the ones that have led to the most fulfillment...was it REALLY all puppies & rainbows?  

Probably not.  

And do we really want it to be?

Even puppies chew shoes & pee on the floor.

But would we do it again?  


So do something a little scary this week, & have a great one.  :-)

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