Do You Ever Lose Your Sh*t? Just Me? 4 Tips for Getting It Back

Jul 22, 2021

 Do you ever lose your sh*t?? 

I do.

A few months ago, the door of my 2008 Odyssey fell off.  Turns out automatic sliding doors are only convenient when they're actually on the vehicle & function.

Yesterday morning, my other door fell off...the one the boys had been able to get in & out least on occasion when it would stay open.

No problem staying open as of yesterday.  It came entirely off the track. 

And when it happened...luckily in our driveway...I freaked out.  Pacing & yelling expletives as I took deep breaths & my 7-year old & 10-year old watched. 

Then my 7-year old decided to assess the situation.  "I can get it on, Mama.  I'm sorry I used that door."

And then I was back. 

"It's not your fault, buddy.  Mama's just frustrated, but I'm not frustrated with you, ok?"

it's so easy to get pulled into believing our current circumstances are US, right?

That we are our circumstances.

I own a 2008 Odyssey with 285K miles by choice.  I appreciate having 37 cup

holders.  I appreciate parking wherever the hell I want with zero fear of door dings or scratches.  Zero.

At no point has anyone ever forced this van upon me.  "You must drive this van

or you'll burn in the depths of hell."  It hasn't happened.

choose to drive this van because ultimately, my goal is to get from one place to another.  The thought of operating anything worth more than $30K...ok, possibly $10K...& caring about marker stains, spilled juice & cracker crumbs gives me heart palpitations. 

But in that split moment as I held the door in my hands... it FELT like it was my life.  It felt like life sucked.  Like I couldn't even get my kids to camp on time because "whoa is me...I drive a shitty van".

I'm still not sure what I'll do about my van.  I'll figure it out.

But in the meantime, my life has gone on, & it will continue to go on regardless of how I get from one place to another. 

My van door falling off & how I get to & from places are circumstances.

So if you ever lose your sh*t, here are some tips for finding it & possibly getting it back.


  1. Give yourself some time to lose it.  Seriously.  Yell expletives.  Scream.  Whatever.  Ignoring your frustration will just postpone it until later when no one, including you, will expect it.  And then you'll really confuse the sh*t out of everyone on the scene.
  2. Take deep breaths.  Through your nose & out from your mouth.  Deep belly breaths.  This will slow your heartbeat & will prevent you from hyperventilating.  Another bonus.
  3. Think about what really happened.  Is it really that bad?  Is your life forever altered?  Will you drive a doorless van for eternity in hell?  Pretty sure the answer is no.
  4. Apologize to the poor souls who were there...the innocent bystanders who weren't quite sure if they were supposed to talk, not talk, fix it, not fix it or start singing 'Always Look on the Bright Side of Life' from Monty Python's Life of Brian...something my husband has been known to do on occasion.  And something I would recommend doing with extreme caution.  Actually, no.  Just don't. 

So do these things & you'll have at least some of your sh*t back.  For a while...until the next time.  🙂



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