Do you ever question what you "should" do? And if Oompa Loompas & ponies are really required?

Jul 22, 2021

Hi Sheri,

Do you ever question what you should be doing in particular situation?  Based upon what most people seem to be doing?

I've never analyzed any actual data on the types of birthday parties my friends plan for their kiddos...But sometimes it feels like I should make an extravagant Minecraft themed cake for my son's birthday...because that's what I see other moms do.

And then I laugh & remind myself legibly writing "Minecraft" on any cake would be a stretch for me, & I call the bakery to place my order. 

But sometimes the "should" still lingers. 

A couple weeks ago a friend mentioned she had a Wizard of Oz themed party for her daughter, complete with Oompa Loompas.  (Yeah, I have a lot of outstanding questions, too.)  And she noted it wasn't a big deal.  Huh??

And another friend had a western-themed party with ponies for her daughter's.  Real ponies. 

Anyway, a couple weeks ago we had my 10-year old's birthday party with his friends. 

In past years, we've invited everyone in his class, & it was borderline chaos.  This year we invited just a few...even though nearly every fiber in my being wanted to invite everyone.

In past years, we had pizza, ice cream & cake (which I had ordered, of course).  This year when I asked what kind of cake he wanted, he said he wanted Twinkies.  So although the thought of not having birthday cake (even an ordered one) was slightly anxiety provoking, I bought a couple boxes of Twinkies instead, & I reminded myself it was what he wanted & it was his birthday.

In past years, we ordered a variety of pizzas & sodas (pop for my fellow midwesterners) to make sure we had the kind everyone wanted.  This year I brought chips & Hawaiian Punch. 

No pizzas to be ordered, no worrying about the ice cream melting...The kids had a BLAST, got amped up on carbs like they normally would, & the absence of an amazingly decorated cake wasn't even questioned.

I'm not the kind of mom who enjoys pulling together elaborate theme parties.  I enjoy going to other people's parties, themed or not.

I don't enjoy baking, & the thought of decorating a cake makes me laugh.  I love the final product other people bake, & I'm amazed by the decorating talents of others...including some of my amazing friends. 

But I'm not that mom.

I'm THIS mom. The one who stacks Twinkies on a plate & stops at Dollar General for a few balloons.

What kind of a parent/sibling/daughter/son/colleague/friend/cousin/human are you? 🙂

All the best,


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