Do you know ANYONE who is good at EVERYTHING?

Aug 19, 2020

Do you know ANYONE who is good at EVERYTHING? 

I mean really? 


Maybe everyone else APPEARS to be good at everything, but no one actually is.   

But we often expect that WE should be good at everything, right? 

Why can’t I figure out how to be successful in my career AND spend quality time with my family AND workout every day AND have an organic garden AND have a Pottery Barn house AND have nutritious meals AND organize my rubbermaid full of the cords I’ve accumulated over the last 20 years AND…?  

The expectations we have of ourselves are ridiculous. 

In my corporate life, I used to help with campus recruiting each fall, & I loved it.  Especially when I did mock interviews & had the opportunity to share feedback with the interviewees. 

Without fail, each year I would interview at least one 4.0+ student (because that’s actually possible now) who clearly excelled from an academic perspective but had a hard time communicating effectively.   

Had a hard time sharing experiences when they had to overcome failure...had to work through a conflict...when they effectively worked with a team. 

I’m not suggesting ALL 4.0 students communicate INeffectively, but several were less capable of doing so.  And in ALL cases they clearly expected a crap-ton (real word) from themselves & were obviously stressed out. 

And the thing was...In most cases...We were actually more interested in the students who DIDN’T have 4.0s. The ones who were less focused on academics & who worked, were involved in clubs & had fun, too. 

There were always some students who focused ENTIRELY on fun & were quite far from a 4.0, but that’s for a different day. 

The point is, it’s not about perfection.  It’s not about focusing on EVERYTHING.  It’s about focusing on the RIGHT things.   

And what’s right for one person may be quite different from what’s right for another person.   

And that’s ok.   

That’s what makes things fun. 

That’s just one thing that makes each of us unique. 

So I encourage you to ask yourself...Is this REALLY where I want to focus?   

Is this REALLY where I want to spend my time?

What will I gain if I do?

What will I LOSE if I do?

We all have 168 hours per week. How do you want to spend yours?

Have a wonderful 168 hours. 😊

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