Do you like red velvet cake with "normal" frosting?

Nov 04, 2021
Ya know...I don't get too worked up about MOST things...
Someone pulls in front of me in traffic?  I'm annoyed but then (usually) immediately think...Well, maybe he's having a bad day...His dog is sick, & he's in a hurry to get him to the vet.
Someone is my version of rude?  Wow.  She must have a newborn, didn't sleep much last night & her coffee machine was broken.
But last week I was reminded of what truly irritates me.  
I called to order cupcakes for my son's birthday (because the idea of MAKING them is not a fun one for me), & the girl I spoke to responded to two of my questions with basically "I don't know," followed by if that would suffice.  
"How many red velvet cupcakes do you have?"
"Ummm...I don't know."
"Can you ask?"
"Ok...Let me go ask."
In my head..."Yeah, I'll LET you do that."
Then she asked what kind of frosting I wanted.
"What kind of frosting is normally used for red velvet cupcakes?"
"Ummm...I don't really know."
"Oookaaaay...So can you just write down 'frosting normally used?' on the order?"
"Yeah...I can do that."
On what planet is this acceptable?  In what environment is "I don't know" followed by silence adequate?
My point?  If anyone on your team believes this to be appropriate, I beg you to coach him/her & explain that it's NOT appropriate because he/she is part of society on the planet we call Earth.  
I love & appreciate a solid "I don't know" followed by a "but I know who might...Let me investigate & get back to you."
But an "I don't know" followed by silence makes my head spin.  
Regardless, I'm happy to report the "normal frosting" note must have made it to the right people, & the cupcakes were delicious.  So at least one person DID know.  🙂

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