Does everyone else have an instruction manual?

Mar 03, 2021

Ever feel like everyone else received an instruction manual for life except you?  

Like you missed an email?  Or should have reviewed your junk mail a little closer before recycling?

We’ve been watching The Greatest American Hero with our boys, & it’s fantastic for so many reasons.

One...The main character’s hair.  Obviously.

Two...It was filmed pre-cell phones.  So it’s equipping the boys to operate a corded phone &/or pay phone if ever required...or even possible.

Three...The fantastic premise...Aliens deliver superhero attire to the main character, Ralph Hinkley, with the expectation that he will wear it to help save the world.  All with an instruction manual, which he loses in the desert. 

Somewhat fortunately, the aliens direct Bill Maxwell to work with Ralph, but without a cape. And he has no experience taking direction from aliens either.


Ralph & Bill are forced to figure it out on their own with zero instruction. 

Which bad guys do they get?  

What are Ralph’s super powers?  

How can he fly without a painful landing?  

What is he supposed to tell people when his car breaks down, & he’s wearing red tights & a cape?  Who will be willing to give him a ride?

Ok, maybe none of us has received a UFO delivered package, but…

There are similarities between The Greatest American Hero and life, right?

Where should you focus?

How do you know what your unique talents are?

How do you most effectively utilize those talents?  And is it possible to do so without some pain along the way?

How do you overcome judgement?  

How do you share your talents in a way people will understand?

How do you find supporters?

Because there’s no one way of doing anything.  And no one will ever fully understand, right?

We live in a world full of instruction...Books, podcasts, You Tube videos, Google & opinions & advice galore.  

Yet no one has the instruction guide specific to you.  Only you can write that, & only you can use it.  

But if you’d like some assistance figuring out what to write and how, I’m here for ya.  🙂 Although I (usually) don’t wear a cape.

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