Ever feel like you CAN figure something out on your own so you SHOULD?

Jul 09, 2020

Ever feel like you CAN figure something out on your own so you SHOULD?  

Maybe it’s an assignment at work…

Maybe it’s how to get your kids to sleep before midnight…

Maybe you’ve even figured out how to get somewhere with an actual map rather than your phone, & the thought of stopping for directions seemed ludicrous.  (Map pictured here for anyone unfamiliar.)

This is a struggle for all of us sometimes, right?

But why?  What are trying to prove & to whom??

One of my coaches spent years attempting to create a beautiful garden.  She had very little gardening experience, so she read & watched YouTube videos.  

Each year it would get a little better but never to the point she had really envisioned.

Then she finally asked herself what she REALLY wanted & by when.  

She wanted a beautiful garden.

Did she enjoy her attempts to create one herself?  No, not particularly.

And did she want to spend years figuring it out?

No...She didn’t want it someday, she wanted it now.

So she hired a gardener & has enjoyed a beautiful garden…& NOT gardening since.

Our time is a non-renewable resource.  

It’s precious.  

Let’s try to remember to treat it that way.

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