Happy Mother’s Day to ALL my friends!

May 10, 2020

Happy Mother’s Day to ALL my friends!

I know & love at least one person (including myself) who falls into at least one of these categories, each of which has its unique challenges...just as motherhood does.  

Maybe you’ve experienced frustration, anger, sadness...

Maybe sleep deprivation because you’ve woken at 4am with a tongue on your face (most likely by a furry child, but possibly a human one)...

Maybe guilt because you have kids & would prefer not being with them today…

Maybe you’re exactly where you want to be today with exactly whom you want to be, & part of you feels guilty for it...because you have something others can’t.  

Quarantined or not, you are not alone.  Someone has experienced some of the same challenges you have, & those who haven’t can still be there to be empathetic & supportive if that’s what you need.

So a reminder that we’re all doing the best we can.  

Our feelings are just feelings.  They’re not right or wrong.  They just are.  And we can choose what to do with them.  

Give yourself grace, do at least one thing that brings you JOY today, & feel good about it.  

Happy Mother’s Day.  :-)  

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