Intermittent “F Bombs” & “GD Bombs”

Jul 31, 2020

I joined the Panera “coffee club” this month, which clearly requires me to spend several hours there drinking several cups of coffee to get my $8.99 worth. 

I do recognize simply drinking four cups of coffee throughout the month would make it worth it, but I love a deal too much to stop at four.

Anyway, I’ve frequented enough to have a booth I consider “my booth.” 

No one announces, “Sheri” when I arrive, so I like to think I don’t have a problem...yet…

“My booth” is next to a small table intended for four...a table I’m certain a group of older gentlemen considers “their table.” 

Every morning, three to seven gentlemen gather around their table, discussing everything from sports (or the lack thereof) to the presidential election to their wives to covid, & often three different conversations occur simultaneously.  

I pay little attention to the details of their conversations, but their differences in opinions & intermittent “F bombs” & “GD bombs” are apparent nonetheless. 

And regardless of the day or topic, they laugh, wish each other a great day & hope to see one another the next.  

They simply enjoy one another.  They enjoy the debate. 

Their "end goal" does not appear to be to educate one prove their thought process is the right one & sway the others to their "side".  

I trust none of them later post to Facebook or Instagram, publicizing the irrationality of the other.

They likely go on with their day, unlikely considering the others’.

What kind of world would we have if everyone had the same opinion? 

If everyone thought the exact same way? 

Had the exact same experiences & made the same decisions?

Is that what we really want?  

Lately, it feels like that’s the case.  

From my perspective…

We don’t need to agree with one another all the time. 

We don’t even need to fully understand one another.  

But seeking to understand one another...

Understanding that we have differences in all aspects of our lives, including our opinions...

And respecting, appreciating & accepting those differences would sure make things easier. 

Wouldn’t it?

Have a great week full of differences. :-)

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