How are YOU doing? Are you adjusting?

Sep 07, 2021

Is this time of year yet another adjustment for you?

Is it the start of the school year?

Are you going back? Have you dropped kids off at college? Or at the bus stop?

Now that we're back to "normal"? As if there is such thing?

I feel like I just found last year's sunscreen, realized it was expired, got a handle on the summer camp schedule, blinked & it's back to school time.

And I'm feeling a bit out of sorts.

Still transitioning from a deep, fat fried, carb on a stick, state fair diet. And we only went twice...last week.

Still transitioning from "What day is it? What's going on tomorrow? What time does everyone need to go to bed?"

Still reminding myself...just because school started doesn't mean summer is "over", & it's ok that we're going to the water park this weekend vs the last one. It won't be 50 degrees yet.

Life is a constant state of adjustment. So if we're alive, we're adjusting to something. We're just constantly adjusting to different somethings.

So I'm reminding myself to give myself grace. Also a constant for me.

And I encourage you to give yourself some, too.

Have a great week adjusting to whatever is going on in your life.

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