Just start.

Jun 22, 2020

I don’t think I’ve ever once witnessed either of the boys sitting next to their Legos & saying, "I don’t know what to build."

And I certainly haven’t witnessed them saying, "I know what I WANT to build, but I don’t know how."

They just start.  

Nowhere along the way do they say…

"Is this ok?"

"Mom, do I have your permission to build an airplane?"

"Is what I’m doing right?"

"Does it make sense?"

"I better stick with the original plan...I better stick with the airplane."  

"I put all that time into an airplane, I can’t change it now."

They may start out thinking they’ll build an airplane, & by the time it’s presented it may be a one-eyed monster on a surfboard.  

But somewhere along the way this thought process shifts as we move into adulthood, right?  

Somewhere along our journey we decide we “need” to stick to our original plan & do what “makes sense”...whatever that means.

That we need permission to do anything else.

Permission from whom, exactly?  If the question even consciously occurs to us, is it one we can clearly answer?

But it would be so much easier if we DID feel like we could take a different path mid-journey, wouldn’t it?

If we realized our OWN permission was the only one truly required?

Instead, why not add a Lego block or two to our journey & see where that takes us?

Maybe you love pottery, & in the back of your mind you’ve always thought about opening a pottery business…

Maybe you add just one Lego block to your journey & give YOURSELF permission to register for a pottery class…

Maybe you enjoy it so much you add one more block & post some of your work online...

Maybe later you add another & open an Etsy shop…

Do you need to be absolutely CERTAIN of the outcome you want to achieve & HOW to get there day one?


You may just start with an airplane & end up with a one-eyed monster on a surfboard.      

Wouldn't that be amazing?  

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