Life is Kind of Like Dessert, Isn't It?

Nov 06, 2021
Ready for a super funny message to start the weekend off right? πŸ˜‰ 
“None of us gets out of here alive.”
We all laughed.  (See? It's funny, right?)
My mom & I were at the funeral home planning her funeral, & the former school teacher who was helping us was pretty damn witty.  You know...someone positive enough to help people with funeral arrangements.  
I had commented that it wasn’t the most upbeat way to spend a day, but I wasn’t sure why...I mean, it wasn’t as if preparation for it accelerated life or anything.  The funeral wouldn’t be required sooner simply because she was prepared.  
It was no surprise that it would happen to all of us eventually.  
We weren’t there because we expect a funeral at any point soon, but because my mom wants peace of mind.  She wants to know my brothers & I won’t be scrambling to plan it unexpectedly.  That we won’t have any financial burdens.
Planning for it doesn’t mean we want it to happen.
And recognizing it will happen doesn’t either.  
We all have a certain amount of time, & we don’t know when it will be up.
What if...whenever you ate a delicious dessert...there was a chance someone would grab it out of your hands at any time?
Would you eat it differently?  Would you try to get as much in your face as possible?
I would. 
Actually...Now that I think of it, maybe I'm concerned there's a chance of that now.
I'm very aware of how many bites I have left of anything delicious I'm eating. 
And if one of my sons says, "Can I have another bite?" & I have only three subconsciously calculated bites remaining, I work through the disappointment of one less bite than I had planned...Silently questioning...Why didn't you ask sooner?  Why didn't you take a bite when I offered you one the first time?  When I had plenty left??
So why is the number of days we have left different?
Let's treat life like a delicious dessert, shall we? 
Have a fabulous weekend. 
All the best,
P.S.  Do you want to stop wasting your days trying to figure it out on your own? 
I know it seems like it "should" be easy.  I was there, too.  For decades.  That was back when I thought pre-cut veggies were for lazy people.  Could they not cut veggies??  But the older I've gotten, the less time & patience I have for the things I don't enjoy...whether I could do them or not. 
Send me a note.  Let's chat & see how I can help.  Even if it's simply, "Start buying pre-cut broccoli."   

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