What Are Some Ways You Limit Yourself? 6 Questions to Ask

Jul 22, 2021

What are some ways you limit yourself? 

My 10-year old decided to eat pudding with his fingers on the way home the other day.  I asked why he decided to eat it without a spoon, & his immediate response was, "I didn't have one."

Funny how much we limit ourselves as adults, isn't it?  I mean...I'm not beyond eating pudding with my hands, but it wouldn't be my immediate solution...on most days, anyway. 

At what point do we begin limiting ourselves?  Clearly not at age 10.  As teenagers?  Once we enter "the working world"?

Six questions to ask yourself when considering something you want.

Stop & ask yourself, "What is my ultimate goal?"

To get pudding in my face?  

To get pudding in my face in a way my mom would encourage?  

Why is that my goal?

Because pudding is awesome?

What are some of the beliefs that may be limiting me?

It's expected that I ask my mom before I eat pudding? 

It's expected that I do not get pudding all over my hands, face & Mom's car?

Who could I talk to who has achieved this goal in the past?  Who could potentially help me overcome my limiting beliefs?

My 7-year old brother who happens to be sitting next to me?

My mom who is waaaayyyy up in the front seat & focusing on driving?

What's the worst thing that could happen?

Mom gets frustrated?

What's the BEST thing that could happen?

I get my pudding, Mom praises me for my decision-making abilities & encourages me to eat pudding with my hands going forward.

With these six questions, the solution often becomes apparent.

What are your thoughts?  How do you eat your pudding? 🙂

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