What do you want enough?

Nov 07, 2021
Are you a green thumb like me? 
Pretty much anything I buy stays alive throughout the checkout process & even throughout the drive home.
Then it eventually it ends up looking like this.
But I'm ok with it.  Why?  Because it's not my thing, & I'm not passionate about it becoming my thing.  I like flowers, but I don't like them enough
Based on what my flower-loving mom has shared, they require water EVERY DAY...preferably in the morning.
It doesn't rain daily, & I don't like them enough to incorporate into my daily routine. 
So this is the result.
If I wanted gorgeous flowers enough, I would prioritize watering them each day.
When we want six pack abs enough, we do more than 10 sit-ups once a week.
When we want an amazing relationship with our significant other enough, we schedule date nights. 
When we want something enough, we prioritize it, right?
So how about you
What do you truly want enough to prioritize it? 
What will you say "no" to so you can say "yes" to what you really want?

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