Would You Eat Cheese Curds Off the Ground?

Nov 11, 2021
Would you eat cheese curds that had fallen on the ground?
"You're eating cheese curds that were on the ground," was my 8-year old's response after I told him to go wash his hands. 
"Excellent point, Miles. Yeah...Never mind."
The cheese curds were incredible until the fall.  And they were only slightly less so once I had announced the arbitrary 5 second rule, wiped them off a bit & continued to eat them.
But my favorite part of the event was my son's realization that I wasn't necessarily the best source for hygiene advice.  And it's absolutely true.  Hygiene isn't coming between me & Wisconsin cheese curds.
In other areas, I absolutely aspire to be the model he needs.  But when inconvenience & food are part of the equation, it just depends. 
Who are the people you're choosing not to listen to?
Your friend who thinks you should just be grateful for working 60 hours per week?  Because he's been working 70+ for 25 years?
Your mom who suggests it's ridiculous to hire someone to clean your house?  Because you're more than capable?  And why on Earth would you pay someone to do it?
Is your friend living her life the way you want to live yours?
Is your mom?
Who are the people who DO understand?
Who is being the type of person you want to be?
Who has achieved what you strive to achieve?
Don't be afraid to question if you should be listening to the people who question you🙂
Surrounding yourself with the right people matters.
No need to kick everyone else out, just make sure you invite the right ones in.

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