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"A leader is anyone who takes responsibility for finding the potential in people and processes and has the courage to develop that potential."  - Brené Brown

You have the courage to find the potential in people, & I can help.

As a leader, you're spinning a lot of plates...


 You're balancing multiple demands that exceed your available time.

Your attention is spread thin.

How can you keep all the plates spinning & prioritize your people?


Partner with me to reduce the time & effort required to...

  • Recognize & address your team's needs, including their blind spots & roadblocks
  • Determine¬†hiring needs, select the right talent, & hire with confidence
  • Effectively onboard, increase retention, & reduce turnover¬†costs
  • Recognize your team's talents & unlock their true potential¬†
  • Help individuals¬†gain a deeper understanding of¬†themselves, more effectively articulate their value, & own their development
  • Help individuals¬†gain a deeper understanding of one another, reduce misunderstandings & frustration, improve inclusivity, foster a sense of belonging, &¬†work together more effectively
  • Respond to questions your team has been looking to you to answer...the ones you've had neither the time nor the tools to provide
  • Equip the team with tools to communicate & contribute with a way that¬†matters to them & to the organization

It helps you keep the other plates spinning, too.

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People are more likely to listen when they're heard.

Feeling heard and understood is fundamental to human connection and performance. Yet only 15% of us have the self-awareness to truly understand ourselves, which is essential for understanding & working effectively with others.

It's possible for each of the individuals on your team to feel heard & to gain a deeper understanding of themselves & others.

I have the tools, endless curiosity, & desire. No wires required.

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Are You a Leader Without an "Official" Team?


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Everyone Gets One Dash. Make It Matter.