Sheri works with individuals & teams to better understand themselves & one another.  

  Live & work with intention.


Unlock your potential, & make your personal & professional life even better.



 Life is a DASH between your birth & death.

Make it meaningful your way, & help others do the same.

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"The more you know yourself, the less you rely on others to tell you who you are." - Kristin A. Sherry, Founder of YouMap®

How Often Do You or Your Team Feel Like This? 

Do you feel like you're...

  • Living & working in a way that's harder than it needs to be?
  • Misunderstood? Constantly focused on fixing your flaws? And potentially everyone else's?
  • Over-burdened & weighted down with no end in sight?
  • Limited? Just going through the motions? Living & working on auto-pilot?
  • Not contributing in a way that's unique to you? Depending upon others to tell you who you are & what's right for you?
  • Living a never-ending game of whack-a-mole & wondering what the prize is at the end?


You don't know what to do instead?

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Are You Committed to Making the Rest of Your Life Even Better? 

What if you were?
What if you committed to making your employees' lives even better? Starting with yourself?
Improve your relationship with yourself & your personal & professional relationships with others.
Stop focusing on fixing your flaws...& potentially everyone else's. 
Recognize & embrace who you are & what you want, & release who you aren't & what you don't. 
It doesn't require thousands of dollars in tuition, 20+ years of experience, or quitting your job, selling everything you own, & living in a VW camper.
There's a more efficient & effective way...
Wherever you are in your journey, my foundational & holistic approach is tailored to meet your unique needs & reveal the compass specific to you.
Your compass may point to sharing more in meetings, adjusting your daily activities, writing a book, or living in Thailand. It's your compass, & you have the freedom to decide what to do with it.
Knowing where you are & having the compass is the start.
What if you started today?
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Everyone has value to share in their own, unique way. 

Understand & appreciate who you & others are, & embrace your uniqueness.  


My superpower is helping you see yours.

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Feeling understood is a fundamental human need.


95% of people believe they understand themselves & are self-aware.
However, studies have shown only 10-15% of people actually are self-aware.




Begin Unlocking Your Potential


Making the Rest of Your Life Even Better


Self-awareness is the key. 

Start unlocking who you are & what you truly want.


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