Why Do You Care?

Feeling heard and understood is a fundamental human need.

74% of employees report they are more effective at their job when they feel heard. 1


What can you do?

Invest in listening to & understanding each of the individuals on your team. No wires required.


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Self-awareness equips individuals to live & work with intention.

Individuals who have the opportunity to use their strengths are 6x as likely to be engaged in their job & 3x as likely to report having an excellent quality of life. 2


Working within one's strengths improves productivity & quality of life & decreases stress & role mismatch.


Individuals who use fewer than 80% of their preferred skills are under-utilized. 3 


What can you do?

Equip individuals to recognize & own their strengths & preferred skills. Empower them to utilize, & periodically assess.


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A company's success hinges on its people.

Hiring the right talent & onboarding effectively is foundational.

The hiring process is time consuming & costly. In fact, many employers estimate the total cost to hire a new employee can be 3-4x the position's salary. 4


Effectively onboarding is key & can improve new hire retention by 82%. It can also improve productivity by over 70%. 5


Are you ensuring your team feels connected to other humans & to what you trying to achieve?


Employees who feel connected are only half as likely to leave within the next year & 4x as likely to say they are very satisfied with their jobs. 6


What can you do?


Make them matter. Make their work matter.


Partner with me to help team members connect & understand how they fit into the organization immediately, onboarding them to the team & organization rather than just their specific roles.


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Individual burnout & poor wellbeing affects your bottom line. 

Utilizing more than 20% of an individual's least preferred skills results in burnout. 7 


3 out of 4 employees experience workplace burnout at least some of the time. 8


The result is lower productivity, higher turnover, higher absenteeism, & higher medical costs, which can cost 15-20% of total payroll. 8


Employees facing mental health & wellbeing challenges are 4x more likely to want to leave their organizations. 9


What can you do?


Consistently check in with each of the individuals on your team. Develop trust that ensures concerns are shared before it's too late.


Preempt burnout issues by  partnering with me to support and empower your team.


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