Unlock Your Potential


Partner with Sheri to make the rest of your life even better, personally & professionally...Not by doing more things, but by focusing on the right things.
Experience more freedom, fulfillment, & fun in all aspects of your life.
Expect to:
  • Gain perspective you're unable to access on your own (because you're human)
  • Gain practical, actionable insights with immediate impact
  • Expand your field of vision & stop limiting yourself
  • Simplify your decision-making & life overall
  • Release unreasonable expectations of yourself & others
  • Increase your engagement & effectiveness in all aspects of your life, including your personal & professional relationships
  • Laugh & learn along the way 
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Sheri's Approach



You have value to share.

  Experience more freedom, fulfillment, & fun in all aspects of your life by being you.

Live & contribute in a  meaningful way by identifying & harnessing your value.

 Deepen your understanding of who you truly are & want to be, & deepen your understanding of others, too.

It's hard to identify your superpowers on your own. I'll help you do it in an effective & efficient way.


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Teams & Organizations


Engaged & effective teams consist of engaged & effective individuals. 

Focus on the uniqueness & the well-being of the individuals on your teams.

Developing & integrating their self-awareness is the key.

Embrace their differences, & encourage them to provide value their way.

Everyone will benefit, including the organization.


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The DASH Mindset Methodology

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