Partner with Sheri to unlock your true potential with less effort. No need to do more things. Focus on the right things.
Work with Sheri to reveal your compass.
Expect to:
  • Gain perspective you're unable to access on your own (because you're human)
  • Have simple realizations with immediate impact
  •  Expand your field of vision & stop limiting yourself
  • Simplify your decision-making & life overall
  • Release unreasonable expectations of yourself & others
  • Increase your engagement & effectiveness in all aspects of your life, including your personal & professional relationships
  • Laugh & learn along the way 
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Sheri's Approach



You have value to share.

Live & contribute in a meaningful, authentic & fulfilling way by identifying & harnessing your value.

Deepen your understanding of who you truly are & want to be, & deepen your understanding of others, too.

It's hard to identify your superpowers on your own.

I'll help you do it in an effective & efficient way.

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Teams & Organizations


Engaged & effective teams consist of engaged & effective individuals. 

Focus on the uniqueness & the well-being of the individuals on your teams.

Developing & applying their self-awareness is the key.

Embrace their differences, & encourage them to provide value their way.

Everyone will benefit, including the organization.


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The DASH Mindset Methodology

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