Unlock Your Potential

Partnering with Sheri will empower you to be your authentic self & focus on what's meaningful to youEmbrace your uniqueness, & unlock your potential with less effort.
No need to do more things. It's about focusing on the right things.
Work with Sheri to reveal your compass for your journey, & design & differentiate your dash. It's one of the bravest & least selfish things you can do.


Expect to:
  • Have simple realizations with immediate impact
  • Get clear on who you are & what you want
  • Expand your field of vision & stop limiting yourself
  • Simplify your decision-making & life overall
  • Release unreasonable expectations of yourself
  • Increase your engagement in all aspects of your life, including your work & relationships
  • Laugh & learn along the way 

 Sheri's Clients 

High-School & College Students


Do you feel like you're supposed to have it all figured out? What you want for the rest of your life? What you want to be?

Does spending years in multiple classes & thousands of dollars in tuition seem like the only way to figure it?

It's not. There's a more efficient & effective way.


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"Seasoned" Individuals


You've been doing life for a while. You've been checking all the boxes, working hard, & maybe you've wondered...Now what? 

The answers are likely right in front of you...They're just hard to see on your own.

No need to start from scratch. You've already learned a lot throughout your journey. You're seasoned. Some simple adjustments may be all you need.


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(who want an even better relationship)


Want to make your relationship with your significant other, best friend, work spouse, sibling or someone else even better?

Do you want it to be even stronger, easier, more meaningful & fun?

It starts with self-awareness. Better understanding others starts with better understanding, accepting & appreciating yourself. 


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Teams & Organizations


Engaged & effective teams consist of engaged & effective individuals. 

Focus on the well-being of the individuals on your teams. Developing & applying their self-awareness is the key.

Embrace their differences, & encourage them to provide value their way. Everyone will benefit, including the organization.


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The DASH Mindset Methodology